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Kill Switch | Joe Ledger Book 8 | Audiobook Review

May 15, 2022 0 comments
Kill Switch                              

Joe Ledger book 8

By: Jonathan Maberry

Narrated by: Ray Porter

Length: 17 hrs and 56 mins 

Audiobook Review *Spoiler Free*    

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 Performance and Production

Ray Porter reads the Joe Ledger series, I really like Ray Porter as a narrator. His voice just seems to fit as Joe Ledger and his performances always draw me in, and this is no exception. The production in the Joe Ledger series is as good as it gets, the production and performance get a 5 out of 5.


Kill Switch is the eighth novel in the Joe Ledger series. Joe works for the Department of Military Sciences (DMS) responding imminent terrorist threats. This time the DMS seems to be falling apart teams are failing their missions, suicides, and high casualties of the field teams. Mr. Church has now under supervision and the DMS is on the verge of being closed, can they defy the odds and save the day?

Johnathan Maberry builds a story around the Cthulhu universe and as a concept I like the story and it is intriguing, but the execution didn't seem to mesh properly. The first half of the book is Joe and Echo team encounter with the God Machine, and the dreams although vivid were so disjointed that left me confused. Afterwards, the DMS is dealing with their problems and trying to save the day, it feels like two different books that tenuously connect. I give Kill Switch story a 3 out of 5


Kill Switch is a concept that really draws to my sci-fi / horror / fantasy interest and I enjoyed the book as it progresses. It is unfortunate that by the end of the book I felt as the whole first half of the book was unrelated and basically a waste of time. The villain's in may of the Joe Ledger series are deep characters, but many of the interludes is a man who is a dick. I give Kill Switch overall a 3 out of 5, the Narration is good but not enough to save the story.


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