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Deep Silence | Joe Ledger Book 10 | Audiobook Review

May 23, 2022 0 comments

Deep Silence                              

Joe Ledger book 10

By: Jonathan Maberry

Narrated by: Ray Porter

Length: 16 hrs and 23 mins 

Audiobook Review *Spoiler Free*    

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                Performance and Production

Ray Porter reads the Joe Ledger series, I really like Ray Porter as a narrator. His voice just seems to fit as Joe Ledger and his performances always draw me in, and this is no exception. The production in the Joe Ledger series is as good as it gets, the production and performance get a 5 out of 5.


Deep Silence is the tenth and final novel in the Joe Ledger series. Joe works for the Department of Military Sciences (DMS) responding imminent terrorist threats. The DMS is struggling to rebuild the trust in the DMS that was lost from the previous few novels. The DMS has been attacked and the power players in the government are both fearful of the power that is derived from Mind Reader computer system, and they have used the attacks as an opportunity to close down the DMS for good.

Johnathan Maberry brings new threats to the world of the DMS and a change from the normal backing of a plot from terrorist or corrupt business men. Joe Ledger finds himself in the middle of an attack while in Washington DC he must fight to survive the attack and then find the perpetrators. The government is on Joes trail trying to arrest him and Echo team, they must find and stop an unknown terrorist threat while the DMS is under government banishment. I give Deep Silence a 3 out of 5


Deep Silence does not bring the end of the Joe Ledger series out on a high note, Johnathan Maberry has done a great job not being political in the series while dealing with politicians, spreading his hate equally. You can tell this book was written during the start of the Donald Trump Presidency, the president is completely inept (many would agree). That alone would be fine, but the comments about Russia stealing the election and other rumors that were going around at the time now seem absurd, and they are scattered through out the book pulling me out of the story and into real life. Then trying to stop the threat mostly the DMS doesn't seem to do anything except complain about the government and then he pulls a Deus ex Machina to get the DMS out of it. I give Deep Silence a 3 out of 5


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