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King of Thieves by Evan Currie

Novel of Odyssey One 

By: Evan Currie 

Narrated by: Todd Haberkorn

Length: 8 hrs and 40 mins 

Audiobook Review *Spoiler Free*    

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Performance and Production

Todd Haberkorn reads a side novella of the Odyssey One series and is a softer tone then than David De Vries since this is mostly new characters it does not cause an issue. I liked Todd Haberkorn performance it kept me engaged, the contrast of Admiral Gracin and Commodore Westin is stark, but this is a spin off Novel and they are not the focus. King of Thieves is also well produced with no errors that will take you out of the story. I give King of Thieves a 4 out of 5 for the audio. 


King of Thieves takes place in the aftermath of the Drasin attack on Earth, Following a new class of ship the Rogue Autolycus. Sent out on a scouting mission to find the remaining Drasin and signs of the other ships that were the Drasin controllers. Following out their orders the Autolycus runs into something new and the investigation will bring power to humanity if they can survive finding it. 

Evan Currie presents King of Thieves a Novel of the Odyssey One series that brings a new ship class and new updates on the situation of Earth. After a brief update on the situation at earth Evan Currie takes us to the stars opening new layers of the galactic history, adding complexity into the Odyssey universe. King of Thieves reads much more like a horror book than the military sci-fi of the earlier books, but it is a welcome addition to the universe. 4 out of 5 


King of Thieves is a well-produced audiobook that keeps you engaged but is also different than most military science fiction. Todd Haberkorn gives a solid performance that will keep listeners engaged for hours of listening. Evan Currie mixes in new and old characters giving you a connection to some of the earlier crews and novels while keeping everything fresh and new. I give King of Thieves 4 out of 5 


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