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The Heart of Matter

Series: Odyssey One, Book 2

By: Evan Currie

Narrated by: Benjamin L. Darcie

  • Length: 14 hrs and 59 mins

Audiobook Review *Spoiler Free*    

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Performance and Production

The Heart of Matter is read by David de Vries, but the version I bought a couple of years ago is read by Benjamin L. Darcie. The Heart of Matter with Benjamin L Darcie continues to be on the soft side, the Priminae military officials sound like they are about to fall asleep at any moments. Where most of the Odyssey crew sounds like they are a kindergarten class teacher who got upset with their students, this tends to blur into a reading is presented but does not feel engaging. The production of The Heart of Matter is good, with nothing noticeable that will negatively impact your listening experience. 3 out of 5. 


The Heart of Matter takes place just before the launch of the NAC (North American Confederation) Odysseys second mission back into space, bringing military trainers and embassy delegation to the Priminae capital of Ranquil before the Drasin can destroy the Priminae. There is a brief catch up on the characters and events in the few weeks that have passed between “Into the Black” and “The Heart of matter” then orders are given, and the NAC Odyssey is on its way. Then we catch up with the Priminae and learn Drasin have pulled back, giving some convenient breathing room for the Priminae to start full Military training and get onto war footing after being a peach for ten thousand years. Then the Drasin return taking out a colony and making for Ranquil in a running battle as the Priminae evacuate in front of the Drasin ships. The NAC Odyssey and nascent Priminae fleet manage to fight off the Drasin when Captain Eric Weston takes the Odyssey out following a crippled Drasin ship back to the ships base. While the Drasin try a new tactic to take the Priminae Capital.  

Evan Currie second entry into the Odyssey One series, The Heart of Matter, continues to expand the universe and introduce new elements adding a lot of depth. The mythology of the Priminae and forgotten history coming back to haunt them in the present gives the universe layers of history added with Central brings it all to life, really left me wanting to know more! The combat both space and ground are engaging and humorous, I started this series because I like space battles, but the ground battles are tending to be my favorite finding myself rewinding to give them another listen. The Heart of Matter is full of fast pace battles, history, and some interesting technology that combine into a great novel. I give the story of The Heart of Matter 5 out of 5.



The heart of Matter is really held back by the performance of Benjamin L Darcie; Evan Currie presents an exceptional story that is thrown off by tired character voices. The depth of the Odyssey One series gets many building blocks, and the engaging fast pace of action is enough to overcome the deficient performance but is held back from being truly excellent. I give The Heart of Matter 4 out of 5. 


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