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Feb 28, 2021 1 comments

Homeworld by Evan Currie

Series: Odyssey One, Book 3

By: Evan Currie

Narrated by: Benjamin L. Darcie

  • Length: 11 hrs and 46 mins

Audiobook Review *Spoiler Free*    

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Performance and production 

Still suffering though, the weak voicing of Benjamin L Darcie, however the production of Homeworld is solid. The cuts are on time and have no issue with it, the main problem of the Priminae voices by Benjamin L Darcie is not much of an issue in Homeworld since much of the story takes place at sol system only involving Terrans. I give the Performance and production 4 out of 5.  


The bloc, the Chinese has cracked faster than light travel, not the transition drive but the much better-known Alcubierre drive, warp drive. They set their sights on the stars and head in the opposite direction than the Odyssey had left on its maiden voyage. The Bloc ship Wy Fang comes into its first star system to find the Drasin everywhere and start a disparate flight back to earth. The defense of earth has started can terra stop the Drasin from finding earth and can the nascent earth defense force hold the line against the over whelming force of the Drasin.


Evan Currie introduces his readers to the Empire in Homeworld, confirming Captain Eric Weston’s hunch of a third species being involved. Then adding on to the depth of the universe in their perspective and the history of the Priminae of why they are the colonies. The battle for the Sol system is done masterfully, painting an image that keeps you involved in the action even though the battle takes most of a day. Evan Currie also does an impressive job keeping hope alive throughout Homeworld that keeps you on the edge of your seat and not wanting to stop the story. I give Homeworld 5 out of 5.  



Homefront so far is my favorite of the series, the battles are done well, keeping you engaged and not wanting to put the book downEvan Currie keeps you on an emotional roller coaster of hope and loss throughout Homeworld, putting the performance of Benjamin L Darcie in the background as I raced to finish the battle for Sol. I give Homeworld 5 out of 5. 


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