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Feb 5, 2021 0 comments
Brushfire by Craig Alanson

WRITEN BY Craig Alanson
Length: 19 Hours 25 Minutes

Audiobook Review *Spoiler Free*    

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R.C. Bray continues as the narrator for the Expeditionary Force series in Brushfire as always R.C Bray is OUTSTANDING! Throwing in the audio bloopers at the end of the book was great and funny, if you have not already, join the “50 shades of Bray” page on Facebook. The voices are on point and varied enough that you can easily follow conversations and completely wraps you in the story. No productions issues of pages, drinks, swallows, etc. over all I am going to give this 5 out 5. 


Brushfire picks up directly after the standoff against the Maxolhx over earth. The Merry Band of Pirates goes on their payback tour across the local arm of the Galaxy. They save some humans, pay back some wrongs, and make some friends. Joe brings Valkyrie back to Earth where politicians and diplomats will decide the course of the galaxy's newest apex species.


Joe and Skippy are entertaining as always, and that really speaks to Craig Alanson writing ability that he can keep their relationship feeling fresh one the best duos I have ever read. The MBOP crew develops in this latest book moving their personal lives forward and finally we get some movement on Adams and Joe, ABOUT TIME I WAS GETTING SICK OF THAT! When the Maxolhx make their move not with an attack but with a diplomatic overture with the Rindhalu. Earth cut off from potential allies and with a lengthy list of enemies the earth come under low pressure constant attacks by the Maxolhx coalition. When they make their real play, not against the Earth but against Skippy, can Joe and Skip pull off another Miracle?


Brushfire an enjoyable story that has a great pay off for fans of the series and starts a new level of operations with Earth no longer in the shadows. Craig Alanson is keeping a longer series that is twelve books with the mavericks and he has kept it fresh without dragging out or repeating the best parts of the series. 5 out of 5  


I really enjoyed Brushfire Craig Alanson has created an intriguing universe and when most of the novels in the series personal relationships are not moved forward, although Joe and Skippy have grown significantly. Brushfire brings the start of a new conflict, a renewed UNEF mission, and personal relationships that have been set up from previous novels in the series, this is the pay off. A well written and executed storyline and an excellent performance by R.C. Bray. 5 out of 5 


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