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Battle Ground Detailed Breakdown Series Talk *Spoilers*

Feb 5, 2021 0 comments

The Dresden Files book 17

Written: Jim Butcher

Performance: James Marsters 

Length: 15 hrs 43 min 

Series Talk *Spoilers*     

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Battle Ground is the second half of Peace Talks with a release of both novels just months apart and is a major turning point in the Dresden Files. Jim Buther in the 17 entry of the Dresden files brings a supernatural power overthrow to Chicago, and the destruction of the city will be a statement from the Fomor and Ethniu to the world. The Accorded nation have brought everything they could bare for the fight in the few hours' notice given by the Fomor and Ethniu. 

 The book opens with Dresden, Karrin, and the White Court returning from Demon Reach in the Water Beatle. Jim Butcher sets the tone of this book when Dresden and crew are attacked by a Kraken and barley make it out alive. Dresden arrives in Chicago and parts ways with the Lara, to warn the minor practitioners and set up protection for those who cannot defend themselves. While headed to Mab and the headquarters of the resistance at Castle Marcone, Dresden runs into Rudolph who has decided in the middle of a black out and looting to harass Dresden following the questioning in Peace Talks setting the stage for the story line to continue through Battle Ground.  

Dresden while taking in the castle and the different powerful beings with the amount of power gathered would be beyond overwhelming in any other Dresden File novel. During the planning, those power brokers make sure you know the gathered power will not be enough to contend with the Titan and the Fomor. Jim Buther sets the battlefield explaining where troops are deployed what the plan is hold the Fomor at the lake shore and force the Titan to expose herself where the defenders can hit with all their power and try to wear her down. Only the Accorded Nations have no idea what the Titans and Fomor must attack with, and as soon as the scouts hit the neighborhoods Dresden cannot contain himself and must go and help the people of Chicago. There is a conversation between Ebenezer McCoy and Mab, McCoy is explaining to Dresden that he will have to save his strength until the Titan is worn down for Dresden to make his move. Mab interjects correctly that when the people of Chicago start to die and scream in pain that Dresden will not be able to contain himself. This has been a crucial difference between Dresden's interactions with Mab and the White Council where the later has a plan and Dresden must conform to their plan, Mab knows what is coming and is preparing Dresden to handle it when it comes. 

Dresden throws himself into the battle against the advancing scouts, honestly screwing up the battle plan but performing the moral decision. Joined by River Shoulders, Dresden finds the scouts slaughtering every man, woman, child, and pets in his old neighborhood. Dresden finds out how hard the scouts, the Huntsman, a series of 13 who as they are killed power transfers to the remaining members of the pack. Dresden and River Shoulders manage to clear the neighborhood and get the people evacuated to castle Marcone. The consequence of his actions is that he has informed the Fomor of the position one of the defensive posts. Dresden is attached to the White Council and the Wardens to reinforce the battle line of the Einherjar, when Dresden is informed that some are trying to raise the dead in a nearby cemetery.  

Listen to Wind, River Shoulders, and the Dresden hit squad from the Red Court war are dispatched check out the cemetery. The Warden squad finds the necromancers they form up in their normal battleline and throw their best shot at unsuspecting necromancers. Then they find those unsuspecting necromancers turn out to be the elders of the Black Court, including Dracul. The fight here is important and I am positive there will be repercussions in the future because of this fight, but Dracul and Mavra talk about needing Harry blood for the Stars and Stones. It also drops that Dracul is also a star born he fights both Listens to Wind and River Shoulders to the point that they can get away and Dracul decides he has accomplished his goals. Dresden tries to bully Listen to Wind into telling him about the Stars and Stones with his star born birth, listens to wind explains there was what sounds like a committee that he needs to discuss it with and to give him a year to have those conversations. Dresden does not like it but does not really have a choice but to go along with it. 

The next few chapters amount to Dresden arriving at the defensive position with the senior council and Rameriez to back up the Einherjar. The battle ensues and the main point of the battle is the destruction of the Einherjar and a parking structure and the SR council members McCoy, Listens to Wind, and Cristos also Rameriez is MIA to Dresden's point of view. Then Dresden is rescued by Sanya and Waldo Butters and links up with Karrin and the Alpha’s when they decided to get involved in the battle and help Dresden dumbass. After the link up Dresden makes his way to Mabb and Manifest “The Banner” few details are given about the banner, but Jim Butcher is making it seem important through Dresen’s thoughts and a conversation with Queen Mab. The Banner calls people and local winter forces to Dresden, and Mab tells Dresden that only those of sufficient “Will” can manifest the banner and it gives a link between those who rally to him and himself. One other banner is mentioned that Lord John Marcone manifested a banner and had rallied many to himself. 

***I am going to stop for a moment and warn you, THIS REVIEW HAS SPOILERS!!! I am going to start talking about some events here that change the series dramatically if you do not want to know change over to the spoiler free review! Do not blame me if you continue and get disappointed by spoilers!*** 

Dresden gets his human volunteers linked up with Sanya in defensive positions around Queen Mab preparing for the Fomor attack. Where Sanya takes command of the troops, Waldo and Karrien follow Dresden to rescue a daycare of children being attacked but the Huntsman. Turns out they are rescuing Rudolph and his partner; ok Rudolph's partner is fighting the Huntsman and Rudolph is hiding with the children. During all this Dresden is challenged by a Jotun and is trying to hold them off so the children can escape to safety. Dresden is bailed out by Murphy and when they turn around Rudolph is arresting them for murder in his delirious state, I was screaming for Dresden to use his shield to do anything I do not know why he did not I felt like he could do a half dozen things, (serious turn back now) and Rudolph poor trigger disciple gets him in trouble when he shoots Murph in the neck. I cried, did not even want to listen to it again when I listened to Battle Ground for this review. Jim Buther does an amazing job of drawing out the emotion from Dresden, and you feel that Harry path is going to change when he focuses back on Rudolph. The Winter Knight is in charge now and he goes full tilt at Rudolph chasing him down, Harry is saved by the knights of the cross. Harry brings Murph's body to Mab where it is laid in state before eventually being taken to become a Einherjar when the living memory of her leaves the world.  

Afterwards Mab, Dresden, and Budders go to war against the Fomor and the last Titan Ethniu. The next few hours, chapters, I am not even sure is not so much a battle as Ethniu vs all comers and it is good. There have been few times I have been wrapped up in a book that much as the last battle of Battle Ground. Eventually Marcone and Dresden get the eye from Ethniu and run for the lake shore so Dresden can bind Ethniu to Dresden’s island, Demon reach. This presents a problem for the powers that be, and Dresden makes some power plays at the end and very few get filled out except for a couple of Christmas short stories released afterwards and one attached to the end of Battle Grounds.  

These are some important items that happen after Battle Ground in no particular order, seemed important to me. 

1)Dresden is voted out of the White Council and is under a suspended sentence of Murder from the battle where he killed Fomor Servitors that were fighting the White Council but for some unknown reason they are holding against Dresden, the white council leaves it up to Rameriez to deliver the news that if he breaks the laws of magic McCoy will come after him, if McCoy will not, they will kill McCoy. (this seems like a certainty to me, also what spineless wimps crying that Dresden killed their enemies.) 

2)Dresen is impressed by the foresight of Marcone in preparing the battle space and Dresen benefits from this and learns that he could have done more to prepare, and vows to do better in the future. Dresden manages to wrangle Castle Marcone as repayment for services rendered during “The Battle of the Bean” and a little subterfuge. Later in a short story he had added gargoyles to the castle and is increasing his Chicago power base and becoming the Wizard of Chicago.  

3)The accorded nations “the bad guys” brings up how the “Men in Black” will now become more active in the supernatural, government agents backed up with the knowledge of the Free Masons. Then Dresden brings up how accorded nations were guest in Chicago and the Accorded Nations should pay for the funerals and medical bill incurred by the citizens of Chicago because of the Accorded Nations war. They decided to pay this fee and Molly delivers confirmation during the Christmas short story after Battle Ground. 

4)Mab decides to bring winter closer with the white court and pledges Dresden to marry Lara Raith and gives Dresden one year to heal before the wedding. Dresden is not happy with this arrangement and neither is Lara from her protest and shock. 

5) Justine has been infected with nemesis, who turns out to be He Who Walks Besides, escapes the island and ditches the Water Beetle off the shore of Indiana and she is on the run. 


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