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The Dresden Files: Battle Ground Audiobook Review *Spoiler Free*

Jan 13, 2021 0 comments

The Dresden Files book 17

Written: Jim Butcher

Performance: James Marsters 

Length: 15 hrs 43 min 

Audiobook Review *Spoiler Free*     

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Performance and Production

James Marsters continues as the voice of Harry Dresden in The Dresden Files; He gives an impressive performance. I was completely wrapped up in the book, I did not want to stop listening, and ended up repeating the book afterwards. I laughed and cried and thankfully kept the depressed Dresden to a minimum, sometimes Dresden can get so depressing I do not even want to listen to it. The production with no obvious errors is good enough, and Marsters pacing keeps you interested and not straining to catch up in action sequences. I give the Performance and Production 5 out of 5.


Battle Ground is the second half of Peace Talks with a release of both novels just months apart and is a major turning point in the Dresden Files. Jim Buther in the 17 entry of the Dresden files brings a super natural power overthrow to Chicago, and the destruction of the city will be a statement from the Fomor and Ethniu to the world. The Accorded nation have brought everything they could bare for the fight in the few hours' notice given by the Fomor and Ethniu. 

Their plan is to hold an army long enough down to take down a Titan, armed with some of the most powerful weapons this universe has known. The battle starts with the enemy scouts running through the neighborhoods of Chicago killing every man woman and child they can find. Then Dresden enters the fight against the wishes of the Accorded nations battleplan. Dresden then fights with different allies mostly the White Counsel of Wizard reinforcing defensive positions and trying to stop magic attacks before they can start causing harm in the city. 

Dresden links up with his crew of the Alphas, The Knights, Bob, and Karrin Murphy moving to reinforce Mab position as she makes a stand against Ethniu and the Fomor. They walk through Chicago explaining the carnage of the battle and the people taking advantage of the chaos, moving through in a detached tone, and having a conversation with Bob explaining the magical forces at play. Dresden also gathers a fallowing of humans and Winter creatures along the way to Mab. The detached tone used here by Marsters and the writing complement each other keeping a very dark theme intriguing and not leaving you uncomfortable. Dresden manages to clear his battlefield and set up the defenses at great personal cost to himself, it was time for battle. 

 The battle here of the Accorded Nations vs Ethniu and Winter vs The Fomor is amazing, some of the descriptions get repetitive but the imagery and the ups and downs of the battle just keep you listening for hours through a very intense and emotional book. I really enjoyed Battle Ground and really cannot find anything of significance that was away. I did read some reviews of Battle Ground where people did not like the novel and most complained about there was no character development. Most of this book takes place over a four-hour period, and how much character development can you expect in the middle of a battle and the consequences of this book are going to change Dresden. I give this book a 5 out of 5. 


I loved this book it was really the best of Dresden where we finally get to see him cut loose with the best tools, without the long depression moments Dresden can spiral down. Battle Ground has plenty of moments that off him a chance to spiral out of control, but he pushes it to the side. James Marsters does an excellent job bringing Dresden to life in his performance, the book is intense with a brief respite in the middle of Battle Ground, and keeps pushing the tempo through the battle. 5 out 5 


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