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Monster Hunter Memoirs: Sinners Audiobook Review *Spoiler Free*

Jan 4, 2021 1 comments

Monster Hunter Memoirs: Sinners

Monster Hunter Memoirs book 2

Written: Larry Correia and John Ringo

Performance: Oliver Wyman 

Length: 10 hrs 30 min 

Audiobook Review *Spoiler Free*     

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Performance and Production

Oliver Wyman does an excellent job with the normal MHI voices, but his New Orleans accent is awful, and his Jamaican accent is even worse. So bad in fact it comes off humorous, despite the bad accents the production is good, and Oliver does a respectable job of keeping active listening going and not droning on in a monotone blur of background noise. I give Oliver and the producers 3 out of 5. 


Monster Hunter Memoirs: Sinners continues following Chad as he moves from the MHI Seattle team to the New Orleans team. Chad manages to get with the wrong woman and is chased and hounded until he eventually asks for a transfer. New Orleans experiencing a massive spike in unearthly forces attacks, the hunters had been making bank, but people had been lost. Chad after driving across the country arrives in New Orleans and has culture shock on how the monster hunting is approached not only by MHI Hoodoo squad but also by the authorities in MHB and NOPD. 

We follow chad around on his first day and night shift, this includes five calls that according to chad added up to a month amount of work in Seattle. Afterwards Chad jumps into the first full moon and this starts a full moon cycle of New Orleans over the next couple of months and a sever werewolf problem. This culminates in the happy face team featuring Earl, Ray the III, Ray the IV, and Milo, but Martin Hood and DeWayne Myers are not with the team being sent out to help pacify New Orleans and track down a couple rouge werewolves, Veterans of the series will understand the significance of that action. Rule 2 do not piss off the Alpha. This shows how much of a bad ass Chad is, if the stories are not exaggerated by Chad (unreliable narrator is the story type), but although not laid out there are a few times that Chad carelessness did get others killed. There is a great action scene where Chad is fighting with Agent Franks, this may have saved Chad working with Franks, but I think this may have cost the lives of some of his team members. 

The main theme of the story is the amount of activity that New Orleans is experiencing and why? The story in that aspect is hardly moved on throughout the book of what is causing that level of activity, but the question is asked a half dozen times. During the full moons Chad goes into detail about different monster attacks and how unusual some of those monsters are and how he single-handedly took them all out, with occasional assist. This Illustrates the need First Reason in the MHI universe, the need to keep the world of magic away from the public, New Orleans being example one. In between those full moons Chad details the strangeness of New Orleans and how he bought a house, got a gentleman, designed a new software package with IBM for puff paperwork, and contrasting how things are done in New Orleans compared to other cities.


MHI Memoir: Sinners is a nice addition to the MHI universe, knowing these tales are from the unreliable narrator perspective makes me wonder if the Chad is lying or exaggerating, but the stories are entertaining. In audiobooks I look more for the entertainment value of the production then writing ability, making it more a higher form of radio production for a new generation of tech. For the entertainment value and audio portion I give MHI Memoirs: Sinners a 3 out of 5 


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