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Monster Hunter Memoirs: Saints Audiobook Review *Spoiler Free*

Jan 7, 2021 0 comments

Monster Hunter Memoirs: Saints

Monster Hunter Memoirs book 3

Written: Larry Correia and John Ringo

Performance: Oliver Wyman 

Length: 10 hrs 44 min 

Audiobook Review *Spoiler Free*     

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Performance and Production

Oliver Wyman pulls off another good performance here, almost feels repetitive at this point, but it deserves to be said. Oliver Wyman has become one of my favorite narrators on Audible, he does good performances consistently. The production is done well too, I couldn’t find any glaring errors in production nothing that took me out of the story and no obvious mistakes. I’m giving the performance and production a 4 out of 5. 


Chad returns for the final memoir in this trilogy and we continue to learn about his time in New Orleans as part of Hoodoo squad. The story opens with the fallout from Mardi Gras as and Chad quitting MHI, a short-lived sandals vacation, and Chads return to MHI. The finally of this trilogy was light on monster hunting, the book is mostly chad at oxford doing research and an investigation into Chad from MCB due to a divination. 

I enjoyed the research and the history lessons on dead languages and why they generally suck, Chad is an entertaining and charismatic character making his time at Oxford generally entertaining. The problem with Chad is that he says he is going to research what is beneath New Orleans and spends most of his time talking about everything he was doing to get his master's and doctorate degrees. It just came off as a college student trying to impress you with how great they were doing at school, and oh yeah, this important side project of why they were there in the first place. Eventually Chad gathers data and brings it to Earl and MHI, the exchange is telling, Earl is going crazy because Chad will not get to the point and Chad is incensed that Earl doesn't appreciate how hard finding the information. Getting to the bottom of what Chad found, they are hard to kill, minion of the old ones in the area would come to defend the larva, and previous battles with the larva old one had a high body count. Then we follow Chad trying to figure out how to kill the old one and gets a simple answer, then back to talking to yeti for his doctoral degree nothing to do with the actual story just more me Chad smart. This story line ends with an all-out MHI battle against the old one, this was very well done, and I enjoyed the hell out of it.  

The second of the story lines is when the MCB turns their eyes toward Chad as part of the investigation into the kidnapping of virgins. This goes back to the theme of Chad being sent back and how he is linked to his brother like Cain and Able. MCB gets a reading saying that Chad is the “Alpha and Omega” in the kidnapping ring and the MCB starts their investigation forcing Chad to leave the country, he goes to Oxford. When is discovered by MI4 he comes back to the USA and concludes if he solves the case the MCB would get off his back, Chad is optimistic like that. Chad eventually manages to solve the case and settle up with his brother with an assist from rookie Sam Haven, and for his brilliant investigation work the MCB was thrilled and offered him a job. OK not really, the MCB response was to have Franks interrogate Chad resulting in a lawsuit against MCB.  

The story ends with Earl giving a brief overview of the time in eastern Europe where MHI lost Susan, and how chad moved to NYC after getting back from that mission to work on the team in NYC. Then Earl talks about the night of the MHI 100 anniversary party and Chad part in the battle, the moment when his skills would have to be at their greatest because anything less could mean the end of the world. The address was 57. I’m giving 3 out of 5 

Overall Series

I enjoyed the series Chad is fun character to follow around the MHI universe, and the series has some great battle scenes makes it a fun addition to the MHI universe. This memoirs series gives tons of detail into the everyday for a normal MHI hunter, something that is lacking in the main series. Chad as a character does not grow, he becomes more accomplished but the best and worse in Chad remain. Chad is smart and he reveals in showing it off, but It can get annoying at times. The audio was great throughout the series, and I am giving the series 4 out 5.  


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