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Son of the Black Sword Audiobook Review *Spoiler Free*

Dec 11, 2020 0 comments

Son of the Black Sword

Saga of the Forgotten Warrior, Book 1

Written by: Larry Correia

Performance by: Tim Gerard Raynolds

Length: 16 hrs 21 min 

Audiobook Review *Spoiler Free*     

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Performance and Production

Tim Gerald Reynolds performs this introduction novel into saga of the forgotten warrior. Tim Gerald Reynolds give a smooth and measured narration of Son of the Black Sword, so smooth and measured I found myself zoning out and needing to refocus on the story. The action scene are good and engaging Tim Gerald Reynolds picks up the pace in these spots and keeps you engaged, but his minimal range in voices cause you lose track of who is speaking and I found myself lost at times during action scenes. The production of the was good but maybe moving the speed up to 1.25 or 1.5 could be a benefit to the narration. 3 out 5 


Ashok Vadal is the greatest protector of The Law that Lok has ever known, dispensing justice amongst the Great Houses of Lok for the Capital. Ashok had been chosen to weld an ancestor blade a sword made of a magical black steel that holds the memory of each of the bearers going back 50 generations. Then given to the secretive order of Protectors who a single Protector can kill hundreds of people without a challenge, becoming the perfect killer. Ashok spends twenty years being the wrath of the law killing hundreds and becoming the head of his order, when he finds his whole life has been a lie. With a code of honor being bound to walk a path of dishonor fighting against what he has always fought for, Ashok will discover his past and the past of his landAshok will learn a truth and must forge a new path that will destroy the core of who Ashok is. 

Larry Correa starts a new series, Saga of the Forgotten Warriorwith Son of the Black Sword. I found Son of the Black Sword to be an overall entertaining book, but suffers from some wordy details that don’t seem to be all that important about land rights and basically building an image of how encompassing the law is in Lok. Tim Gerald Reynolds narration and Larry Correa combines for some eye glaze moments that make you really have to focus and that makes you wonder why do I care. The action scenes are well written and keep you wrapped up and span over entire villages and travel a continent. The Saga of the Forgotten Warrior world is interesting and definitely can lead up to an epic sized journey, hopefully the can live up to its potential. 3 out of 5 



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