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House of Assassins Audiobook Review *Spoiler Free*

Dec 13, 2020 0 comments

House of Assassins

Saga of the Forgotten Warrior, Book 2

Written by: Larry Correia

Performance by: Tim Gerard Raynolds

Length: 16 hrs 40 min 

Audiobook Review *Spoiler Free*     

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Performance and Production

House of Assassins, Saga of the Forgotten Warrior book 2, is performed by Tim Gerald Reynolds and runs 16 hours and 40 minutes. The production from Audible is good, I could not find anything wrong in the audio quality of the book. Tim Gerald Reynolds returns as Ashok and Tim demonstrates the same weaknesses as the first book, a lack of character distinction in his voicing range that makes everyone except the three main characters blur together. Book two being more important in the absents of character distinction since this whole book is Ashok trying to save the prophet and is Ashok traveling and having conversations. Tim Gerald Reynolds does give a good and steady performance and overall is not bad but does not reach into greatness here. I give this 3 out of 5. 


House of Assassins picks up with Thera who was taken by the Wizard Assassins at the end of Son of the Black Sword and is now being held hostage as the study “The Voice” that is inside her. In a world that is ruled by the power dynamics in Loc the House of Assassins believes if they can unlock her secrets and her source of magical power, they will be able to return as the greatest house. Ashok however is on Thera path and spends really two thirds of the book looking for her and not really getting anywhere until he stumbles upon one of the Wizards and manages to find the House of Assassins home. This third of House of Assassins really picks up with a battle of the Gods along with a battle of the Rebels vs Assassins.  

I liked House of Assassins but at times the story is just boring, the book is also funny at times and the actions scene at the end is great. Overall a lot of the book is just forgettable, that is why Larry Correa named it the Forgotten Warrior, Ashok is just BORING! What was a great cliffhanger at the end of Son of the Black Sword is just wasted in House of Assassins with only minor character growth and world foundation building as the payoff. The biggest problem is Ashok has no goals, aspirations, or even desire growth to be fair he is experiencing character growth and the development of Ashok is progressing, but he is just boring the largest growth is The Law is not always Right morally. It is a great breakthrough on the shrinks' couch but while trying to lead a rebellion and be the general of an army not the most exciting of developments. House of Assassins has its problems, but I found it worth the listen and looking forward to Destroyer of Worlds Book three in the Saga of the Forgotten Warrior. I give House of Assassins 3 out of 5 



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