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Nov 16, 2020 0 comments

 Monster Hunter Vendetta

MHI Book 2

Written by Larry Correia

Narrated by Oliver Wyman

Length: 21 hrs and 11 mins

Audiobook Review *Spoiler Free*    

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Oliver Wyman continues to give a robust performance in Monster Hunter Vendetta, continuing the role of Owen Zastava Pitt. Along with the characters we knew from MHI, we get new villains from England. Oliver shows his range with characters ranging from humans to trolls and gnomes. He keeps all the voices consistent without shifting accents during sections of the story and the range of voices keeps the dialog easy to follow. I did not want to stop listening and the performance keeps your attention. I cannot find any flaws in the performance or the production that were noticeable I give the audio portion of Monster Hunter Vendetta 5 out 5.


Larry Correa picks up Monster Hunter Vendetta were he left off at the end of Monster Hunter International. Owen is in Mexico saving American Tourist from getting eaten while on spring break, Owen is acting as team lead since Earl Harbinger is stuck at MHI headquarters. After a successful hunt Owen is waiting in his hotel for Julie to return from competing the contract and getting paid, when he is attacked by the high priest of the church of the temporary mortal conditions the shadow lord. To find out the old ones have put a hit out on Owen and they will pay in power, the Hunter has become the Hunted. 

The MHI crew must find the Shadow Lord and here Larry Correa does a amazing job connecting pieces of his universe and character from the first book and laying down the base for new books and storylines. The attention of detail in books and the connections between book just comes natural and flows but the relisten I'm going through is more enjoyable than the first time through the series. This book has a more serious tone to it but keeps the humor going with some truly funny scenes breaking up the tension of the novel. I'm giving Monster Hunter Vendetta 5 out 5 its entertaining but its also well thought out Story with lots of room to grow and this is just the opening acts.


No surprise here 5 out of 5


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