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Monster Hunter Nemesis Audiobook Review *Spoiler Free*

Nov 30, 2020 0 comments

 Monster Hunter Nemesis

Monster Hunter, book 5

Written by Larry Correia

Performance by Oliver Wyman 

Length: 16 hrs 31 min 

Audiobook Review *Spoiler Free*     

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Performance and Production

    Oliver Wyman continues his streak of great voicing during the MHI series, this audiobook is driven by Oliver performance. Franks is not the easiest character to use as a first-person story, the performance could have easily blurred into monotone mass, but Oliver managed to avoid that in Monster Hunter Nemesis. Normally side characters take the lead in the Franks novel and the performance makes this feel like the continuance of the story it is, and not a side tale it could have turned into. The production is solid and is free of even small errors and produces a very entertaining performance. I giving the audio portion of Monster Hunter Nemesis 5 out of 5 


    There is a war between STFU and the MCB, and the only thing that stands between Strickland and complete control is Franks. Humanity needs an army for the upcoming war and Strickland knows exactly what he wants an army of Franks but “The Deal” is keeping his hand, a promise that in return for Franks service there will never be another created. Franks finds himself as US enemy number one with a record setting bounty on his head, the MCB and Hunters from all over the world are hunting Franks. While Franks is hunting Strickland to stop the army that will unknowingly be unleashed upon the world. Find out what makes Franks so dangerous and learn his back story tied into the foundation of the United States of America. 

    Monster Hunter Nemesis is a relevant story in the Monster Hunter universe but can really be broken into two different halves, Franks past and present. The past is interesting and takes you through Franks creation and his secret that requires that no more Franks can be created and how he became into service of the US government. I thought this half was an interesting side story and really showing how Franks is always going to be an outsider. The other part of the story Franks current problems mostly finds him trying to get out of Washington DC and really becomes bogged down in franks pulling out contingency plans and then showing a singular lack of judgement that seems very out of character from Franks that results in the loss of one of the people that Franks actually respected. Larry Correa does give us what we and immovable object vs unstoppable force is great entertainment and requires a rewind or two. Then it is Franks vs Strickland and trying to stop an army of Franks from sweeping the planet, I give Monster Hunter Nemesis 4 out of 5. 



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