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Monster Hunter Alpha Audiobook review *Spoiler Free*

Nov 19, 2020 0 comments

Monster Hunter Alpha

Monster Hunter, book 3 

Written by Larry Correia

Performance by Oliver Wyman 

Length: 18 hrs 47 min 

Audiobook Review *Spoiler Free*     

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Performance and Production 

Oliver Wyman shows his range in MHI Alpha a whole new set of characters and changing a side character into the main character. Oliver pulls off multiple accents, genders, and ages with complete believability and consistency making follow along effortless. Having spent a decent amount of time around Uppers that accent was way over done and kind of distracting. The emotion that Oliver adds into the story just add that little bit of extra emphasis that makes the story a little more engaging. I give MHI Alpha 4 out of 5 stars for the performance and production, having not heard any glaring issues in the production. 


This is the first Monster Hunter International where Owen Pitt is not the main character, MHI Alpha follows Earl Harbinger. Earl Harbinger is the leader of Monster Hunter International, he has done amazing feats as a Hunter, fighting Master Vampires, we also discovered he is a werewolf. Earl has made mention of fighting in multiple wars, raiding Hitler's bunker during WWII, along with fighting every monster known to man. MHI Alpha fills in some of those stories as part of a journal Earl is writing to find the memories Rocky ate during the attack by the Lord of Shadow, and Earls past coming back to haunt him. Earl will have to defend his crown as King of the Werewolves from his greatest enemy, all during a surprise attack as a powerful werewolf is declaring war on humanity, starting with Copper Lake Michigan. 

This is my second time listening to the MHI series, the first time I listened to this story I kept waiting for Owen and MHI to show up. I was distended to be disappointed, that Alpha was a random side story that was ended up being a good stand-alone novel. On this listen I see how much MHI Alpha ties into the rest of the series, and the choosing of the champions. The faction's champions are vying for mantels of leadership of the armies for the upcoming war. Also, the introductions of new characters and story lines, the book is packed with details of the Monster Hunter Universe. Larry Correia is on a roll with the MHI series and this book is just continuing that streak, grading MHI Alpha is an easy 4 out of 5 it is reaching towards a perfect book but does not quite make it. The lack of monster hunting experience around Earl make for quite a few cringing moments and getting into some boring sidelines. 



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