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  • Bobiverse Book 4

Audiobook Rant    

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This was going to be a detailed review but in the end it's just a rant about the waste of potential in the Bobiverse series. There are some spoilers in here if you don't want to hear the spoilers and want more of a review go check out the spoiler free review. Read on and enjoy.

Heaven’s River is a capsule of the Bobiverse in general, when I read the description I was excited. It was a great concept , but it is just poorly executed. The audio is good, Ray Porter performance is excellent and he is one of my favorite narrators. A good performance can save a bad book but this isn’t one of those.

Dennis E Taylor created an interesting world, then proceeds to focus on the most boring situation in the spiral arm. The Main character, Bob, was a software engineer and project manager who is now von Neumann machine. Bob finds a problem, breaks it down into parts and then gets the job done, its an enjoyable listen then Bob goes on an adventure. This is where Bob has his failings and when the Bobiverse just disappoints. Bob one way or another ends ups dealing with low tech species, then hangs out in his Manny robot, that would be a great star trek episode once in a while but an entire book of the main character sitting around with alien cave man and a pre industrial alien species BORING!

Dennis E Taylor writes a nice action scene, there have been a few wars over this series and the few times Dennis actually lets you know what happening, it’s just an update. The network is down, oh we were attacked. A few hours later, TNG faction cut off our communications and declared war then went home. We won, we accomplished our goals! No, we won because you just inconvenienced us! that was a war, oh they shot down 20 missiles, once. What am I listening to instead of a civil war with battles and strategy, no I’m listening to Bob on a barge belittle all who believe in religion all the way down the river. Work on boat, talk to professor at lunch, run from cops at the port, Swim to the next port, get on another boat, repeat repeat repeat for hours why Dennis Why. Explore a mega structure, that was a cool 15 minutes, but any actual exploration and technology use would be nice, in a sci-fi book about a HUMAN AI IN SPACESHIP! SERIOUSLY!

The strife in the Bobiverse isn’t surprising because Bob is a belittling tyrant who can’t fathom any one who disagrees. Then he will argue them into the ground about things he really doesn’t know. The most obvious case in Heaven’s River is with Bridget, Howard spends years trying to get Bridget to become a replicant. She is very worried about her “Soul" and here is Bob trying to get her to go on this mission on the mega structure and she comes to him with her very personal concerns that Bob knows full well that are legitimate. What is Bob response? To berate her how about how stupid she is for worrying about her soul, if anything it is a unique quantum signature that maybe reproduce. Then she ask him not to go on that she had the argument with Howard a million times and he continues, she starts to cry, and he keeps going! The truth is Bob has no clue, but he does know her concerns are real, look at the deviance between Bob's. In this case he is arguing a distinction without a difference, if Bridget has a unique quantum structured matrix that is attached to her, then that would be her “soul". Bob does this continually in all the books, he has all the answers and anyone thinks different is an idiot, and if you go against him, he will plot out your downfall. He will lie, cheat, steal, back stab, kidnap, over throw governments and is perplexed when people don’t trust him, because he believes he can subvert peoples self agency if its for a good enough reason to him. Petty tyrant!



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