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Heaven's River, Bobiverse book 4 Audiobook Review *Spoiler Free*

Nov 5, 2020 0 comments

Heaven's River                

Bobiverse Book 4

Written by Dennis E. Taylor

Narrated by Ray Porter 

Audiobook Review *Spoiler Free*

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Audio Review

We start with the narrator; in audiobooks a bad narrator can kill an enjoyable book or can make a mediocre book great. In Heavens River Ray Porter carries this book on his back, Ray Porter is one of my favorite narrators performing the Joe Ledger series and the novel 14, he always does an excellent job. Heaven's River is no exception, the production is perfect, and the performance keeps you engaged despite the story. The variation between the bobs is hard to follow, Porter only does slight alterations of the original bob voice and this can cause conversations between multiple bobs to just sound like the same speaker. I am going to give the great Ray Porter 4 out 5 on this book, if it were not for Ray Porter, I am not sure I would have been able to make it through this one. 

Story Review

The Bobiverse is back, written by Dennis E. Taylor returns to the Bobiverse with Heavens’s River. Heaven’s River focuses on the search for Bender who in We are Legion (We are Bob), the first in the Bobiverse, set off to discover new planets and is never heard from again. The original Bob has decided he is going to find Bender, and this is where Heaven’s river starts. 

There are three main stories in Heavens river, the first is searching for Bender, this takes Bob on a journey through a preindustrial culture to recover Bender. This is the greatest bulk of the book, I often found myself wondering what else was happening in the other story lines. Bob’s experiences are much different than when Bob was with the Pav but ends up being robot Bob experiencing another low-tech species. Dennis does set up what could be an interesting twist, but through lack of details and the obvious clues to the twist it becomes more of a tee ball instead of a curve ball. I couldn’t wait for this portion of the story to be over. 

The second story line the Bobiverse has fractured and a portion of the Bobs now want to impose the Prime Directive, stopping all bobs from interfering in pre-space species. The “TNG” (The Next Generation) faction has become militant and starts a war to stop the Bobs at Heavens River. This was a very interesting story line with a good moral debate that could have taken place, but NO, like the war with the others there is no story line only random updates followed by an abrupt end. Dennis takes his best story line and leaves it the branch to wither and die.  

The last story line is the Bobs place in humanity, this is a common theme in all the books but again is left to just random updates throughout the book. Bob rails against authoritarians and how dumb humanity is by getting emotional in their decisions and not doing what Bob thinks humanity should do. 


For the Science fiction fans you will find yourself enjoying the technical aspects of mega structures, Nerd Fiction references, and science fiction jokes that will make you laugh out loud. This is the minority of the story, the jokes because everyone is a “Bob” says the same joke over and over beating Jar Jar well after he has stopped moving. Bob finds something technical and this is where the book shines solving future problems and the impact on society, instead you get robot Bob floating down the river on a small sailboat for hour after hour. A human with a supercomputer brain beating up on anyone who believes in a god or a soul, berating his friends, correcting preindustrial aliens, shouting down the thoughts and arguments of other Bobs who do not agree with decisions that are being made. Bob is an intolerant asshole to everyone around him, but Dennis try's to petrary Bob as a paragon of virtue and mind over superstation but he just comes off as an asshole. For the smiles and the search for bender is a boring waste of time, it is well written. I am giving Heaven’s River 2 out of 5. 



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