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Nov 7, 2020 0 comments

WRITEN BY Craig Alanson


Length: 19 Hours 25 Minutes

Audiobook Review *Spoiler Free*    

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    R.C. Bray continues as the narrator for the Expeditionary Force series in Critical Mass, as always R.C Bray is OUTSTANDING! Throwing in the audio bloopers at the end of the book was great and funny, if you have not already, join the “50 shades of Bray” page on Facebook. The voices are on point and varied enough that you can easily follow conversations and completely wraps you in the story. No productions issues of pages, drinks, swallows, etc. over all I am going to give this 5 out 5. 


    Critical Mass is the tenth book in the Expeditionary Force series, otherwise known as Skippy the Asshole and Colonel Joe save the world, again. Critical Mass picks up where Armageddon finishes, with the Merry Band of Pirates (MBoP) in serious trouble. The Dutchman is without power, Valkyrie AI is expressing it frustration with the humans, and Skippy has gone to save the galaxy and said thanks for the laugh monkeys and disappeared. If you are worried you will have to go through this whole book with the MBoP to get a resolution, not so much. One thing that does annoy me about this series is Craig Alanson “fake” cliffhangers, a huge cliffhanger at the end of the book and then resolve the situation in the first chapter of the next. What do I know I am just a dumb monkey and I keep buying them? Anyway, where was I, right resolving Skippy screw ups, if you want the details go to my spoiler's review but it is all believable and how the humans and Nagitha bailout Skippy. Except the Valkyrie AI part, unbelievable but it is resolved quickly, moving on. 

    This starts the part of the story were Craig really drags this one out, half of this book is just filler it is entertaining and adds in a new AI, that I love, and makes you feel like Skippy waiting for joe to say words. It is well executed and mostly entertaining but I found myself saying “just get past this we know earth is going to be attacked and the MBoP is just killing time until the gate opens for the end of the book. Finally, we hit endgame and Skippy talks Joe into checking out the hidden plant at the Avalon back up system. Can the MBoP save earth from a Maxolhx fleet? Craig Alanson did a fantastic job it was thrilling I was completely caught up in the book. Critical Mass could be trimmed down a few hours Craig dragged it out but the story is great, 4 out 5. 



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