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Thrudnor Tales I

Oct 14, 2020 0 comments

 I stood as my home, my keep; My CASTLE’S village was in flames. Men ran and shouted as they tried to douse the flames. Traitors to my crown lined the walls of my castle. My elite guard and city’s guards of protection hid, scared, and worthless, in houses throughout the city. The citizens pounded the wooden gates, shouting for me to come out and face Justice. Justice… whose justice? I was king, I made the laws of this country, I am their justice. I had done great under my rule. Now the people who no longer cared about years prior, demanded my death. Many of them paid by my enemies, stealing the blood from the veins of long ago friends who fought on my side. Tonight, they surround my great country, with fire in their eyes and a thirst for vengeance. They were angry, two-thirds of my men had not come home from the mandatory training with the army. My army, the largest in the west, now broken and hiding in the countries that seek to destroy me. My elite assassins are in the castles of the 4 kings who have combined their forces and fortunes to destroy me. The shadow war was over. My father, the great and beloved king before me, warned of a strong power rising in the east. “Prepare for the day they will strike like a snake in the night, covered by the sheltering blanket of illusion.”  

I looked at my finest dress armor, and the royal crimson undercoat sheathed by a black steel breast plate. My country’s seal, a dragon lying in wait while two more flew behind a bronze monster the shape of a man but with proportionate hideous features. I put my armor on slowly. I am now a man with deep regret and wrinkles throughout my body. My advisor pleaded me to surrender for the greater good of my country. TRAITOR, SPINELESS. How could he call himself a man!? I drowned out his protests as I put armor on, knowing this would be my perilous end. I looked out the window from my tower. Flames engulfed my beautiful village. I could her the screams and cries of my people below. My heart ached as the flames of the revolution crackled and snarled below. The Shadow war was over, I finished fastening my sharp silver sword to the belt grasping to my waist. I stared intently at my reflection. A man who may have destroyed many lives, his kingdom, or even our world. But make no mistake, if I were to be brought to my knees, the world we know would vanish as the smoldering flames below, leaving desolation in its waste. It would change everything.  

My advisor screamed of my father’s disappointed in me, “He would have never stood for such things!” That may be true, but he does not know, what I know. I tried to be vigilant against an unknown force, as power rose in the shadows. Deceit was everywhere. Spies telling the secrets of an old king. I moved my counties wealth, secretly, to counter the moves of a nameless, faceless power. Now, I doubt myself. Was this force only in the mind of my aging father? Did I imagine the moves of an empire that did not exist? Had I started a war that would destroy my country and turn friend into foe? Was it all in vain, fitting the view of a world I was taught to be true? I hung my head low. I could hear the pounding throughout the corridors, echoing the pain heavy in my heart. My people, cheering for my head, pained through every fiber of my body. The burdens of the decisions I have made weighed heavily on my soul. I could not allow the shackles of the past to bring me to my knees. I cannot let the heavy-hearted threats bring me down. Today, I stand tall and face the world with skewed perceptions of a monster. 

My advisor was still begging with me to surrender to their fury. It is the only way for our country to be accepted into the new world. “The new world!” I said it haughtily, tasting the grainy words as they spit from my mouth. I have heard that phrase many times whispered in the shadows, planting the seeds of deception in the fragile, unsuspecting minds of my people. Giving false hope a better dawn that will arise from the deep darkness the lies are spawned from. I know different. My secret network of spies, hidden from all but me, know different. My general, my right-hand man, one of the greatest tactical minds in the world, a man highly paid to be my personal cook, knows differently. I picked my head back up, my strength gathering as the revelation came over me, lifting the weight of despair that had forlorn me for hours and the shouts beckoned me to my knees; with those simple words I knew what I had to prepare for. The day has finally come. I turned and swung my sword, unsheathing it and taking the head of my advisors' head; I grabbed his hair and carried him to the wall of my castle above the gate. The loyal guard nodded and saluted as I passed with my suddenly shortened advisor in my hand. I made it to the gate of my wall and grabbed a torch from the wall and lit an oil trench that caused flames to surround the top of my keeps walls. I called out to my countrymen to silence and the hiding city guard came out and surrounded the citizens that were trying to infiltrate my keep and the noise died as they noticed the hundreds of heavily armored solders and the keep guard raise with bows aimed down at the crowed. I shouted from my wall that there were traitors among us, and at a gesture to my guard followed their orders and the traitors were thrown over the walls by the ropes that held their necks. I threw the head of my advisor in their midst. “I know most of you are angry of the missing men of our country, a few of you have been paid by the kings that surround us to start unrest, even as the combine might of those land marches towards us. I tell you this now! Those kings are all dead and their cities have been taken by the largest army that as ever been seen, your men have achieved the greatest military victory in history, there are no longer the five countries of the west but one country, our country, Thrudnor! The danger is not over yet there is more danger in the shadows, and we will destroy them.” The crowed stood in silence; I walked away, back into my burning castle. To prepare for the war, I would drag my enemies into the light. 


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