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Lovecraft Country Audiobook Review *Spoiler Free*

Oct 21, 2020 2 comments



by Matt Ruff 

performed by Kevin Kenerly


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    Looking for a new series to start after watching The Boys on Amazon Prime, I came across Lovecraft Country on HBO. I have never read H.P. Lovecraft, but his stories have intertwined in many book series that Lovecraft immediate had me interested and I had made my selection. In the first few minutes the confused mess Sci-fi and Lovecraft gave me mixed feelings and that stayed until the season finale. I picked up Lovecraft Country on Audible, hoping for more detail in the confusing mess of a story shown in HBO. What I found was the HBO series and the book have little in common except the basic structure of story.

    I really enjoyed the novel Lovecraft Country, the story set like a fantasy book of travelers trying to avoid danger while trying accomplish their goals but set in 1950s racist America. Tells a story of a black family who get caught up in a magical turf war between the East Coast and Chicago, the Natural Philosophers. Natural Philosophers have very limited power in Matt Ruff world, and like every talent people have different natural abilities. This is where Atticus Turner and his family become a target of the magical community, being spoiler free Atticus has a high magical potential but not the knowledge to use that potential, making him a useful tool. The fact that his family is black the Natural Philosophers take for granted the fact that they can use them. 

    Lovecraft Country has eight chapters that amount to short stories taking place a month or two apart switching between different members of the family, each story lasting between an hour to two hours. Kevin Kenerly gives a good solid performance and the production is good, no page flipping and no extra noises that make it though on some audiobooks. Kevin Kenerly a strong steady voice with enough range to cover the characters that you can easily tell who is talking, his pacing also keeps you interested without the feeling that maybe you need to go back or find yourself not paying attention. 

    As you can guess I do recommend going to pick up a copy of Lovecraft Country, it is a good and solid book that I would give 4 out of 5 stars to if I did star ratings. If this has your interest but looking for more story details before using your credit, check out my detailed review.



  1. Great review! The show was very confusing for me, this sounds like a great read.

  2. Glad you enjoyed the review, you should pick up the book. You'll enjoy it


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