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Hulu Original Movie: Bad Hair.

Oct 25, 2020 2 comments


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Halloween is almost here and what that really means is HORROR MOVIE SEASON!!! This year scare came in the from of my wife asking if I wanted to watch a movie called bad hair with Usher and Kelly Rowland. Knowing the quality of the few movies I have seen Usher in, acting is not one of his talents, I was less then enthusiastic. I say sure, wifey is HOT and already in bed "Hell yeah, I wanna watch whatever you want baby!". Sometimes I should think with the other head.... OK, so Bad Hair. 

    I wish she would have told me we are going to watch a B horror flick because that is what it is. The movie is MTV moving from it's origins in the 80's to the 90's and the rise of Hip Hop and R&B, This is where the movie really gets it's horror the unfinished story lines, random plots that don't get fleshed out, vague references to the past hair trauma. the movie runs an hour and forty minutes the first half of that is lazy writing trying to focus on social issues and awareness through symbiology. If this movie was a person it would be swinging a sledgehammer at your face and missing. Then you reach the point were Anna realizes something is wrong that her hair has been acting strange when her landlord, who tries to raise her rent for $500 for no reason, says he will forgive the $500 and attempts to rape her. The hair saves her lashing out at the landlord saving Anna, who is relieved to be saved in the moment and then tries to figure how her hair saved her. Then comes the point in every horror film where the main character knows something is wrong and does research finding a way to defeat the evil plaguing them... Yeah... Anna makes a phone call to her cousin and ask her to read the story of the black moss girl, that Anna didn't finish the story at the start of the movie. This is where the movie goes from social commentary to straight B horror, I did enjoy everyone's vampire weave. vampire weave vs vampire weave running rampant in 1989 MTV headquarters, eventually Anna finds away to remove the weave and saves herself or her soul, I'm not completely sure but whatever the credits roll and I think that is the best part of the movie.

    This movie is a social commentary wrapped up in a cheap horror film, that commentary should be looked at and reviewed as well. Anna is a go getter who is willing to do some shady deals to get ahead, and when she tries for a visual role at the studio, becoming a live show host, she is told that she would need to be more presentable and fashionable. Anna needs to look more "white", although corporate America was accepting the Hip Hop and R&B, they wanted a the face not the culture. This theme is picked up randomly through the movie, and is a point of contention, largely at the reorganization meetings. Executives and Managers putting pressure on Sista Soul to change her hair to look more professional and her pushing back, and eventually giving in. The commentary being that the standard of beauty are not fit for African American woman natural hair, and the natural consequence of that standard is that to look meet up to the worlds standard they have to reject their hair in its natural state. 

    Then comes the visit to the beauty shop for Anna first weave, the 70s slasher filming style of scene had me looking for monsters and supernatural phenomena. Showing Anna in tears from past emotional trauma, showing scars and burns on her scalp from her mother styling her hair when she was a child, the stylist talking about her own experiences. emphasizing how the trauma of trying to change your hair to fit into standards of beauty, starts as a child and the pain associated with the process. Now in 1989 you no longer have to burn your scalp straightening your hair or chemical treatments, just hide your hair and we will sew a whole new persons hair over it! Just cover up who you are to please someone who doesn't give two craps about you to meet a standard you will never actually meet anyway, but you try anyway because everyone wants to be accepted.

    Next is how society reacts to Anna, now that she has hidden her natural self, she finds the weave is painful sewn into her braids by using needles, and learning how everyone cries the first few times and it will only hurt a week or two. People are staring at her coming up to her saying how good she looks when she walks in the door, the boss invites her to the meeting, and green lights her idea. That she is in the contention for the host spot, and she feels like things are going great. Then she gets more attention from the low end of the scale her landlord is extorting her for more rent, then gets drunk and decides that since he extorting her anyway what is a little rape. There not many details here in the story part of the disjointed nature of the script, but the rest of the movie is attention from and her hair killing them until all the women have weaves and are trying to kill each other. The myth of the weave being made from witch hair and the witches take over your body as they get stronger, just as Anna would hid herself to become another woman. The person in the future her confidence would have been in her weave and in hiding her natural self, she would eventually be a different person.



  1. The movie was so weird and I agree 2 stars! Thanks for watching it with me though lol 😆


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